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Trainings and Workshops Programs and Services

Individual Counseling is a way to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to learn how to cope with life’s challenges. Our counseling services allow clients to discuss their behavioral health needs with a certified official.

Group Counseling will give you the opportunity to better understand yourself, interact with and get support from peers who share similar programs, improve your interpersonal relationships, and help you grow as an individual. Campbell Health Solutions Chit Chat programs and services gives you the added benefit of acquiring education and skills that will help you cope better with specific emotional and or behavior problem

  • Campbell Health Solutions Chit Chat programs and services can help you deal with a range of personal issues and life events. Whether you are coming out as LGBTQ+, disclosing your status to a loved one, coping with self-esteem issues, seeking more satisfying relationships, living with HIV, trying to stop drinking, or grieving the death of a partner, we provide high-quality care that is sensitive to your concerns. 

  • Campbell Health Solutions Chit Chat programs and services are confidential and accessible virtually in a group or individually. Services are offered for free.

For more information:

  • West Palm Beach - 561-208-6595

  • West Palm Beach – 561-208-8123

  • Port St Lucie – 772-348-0200

  • Avon Park – 863-657-0100

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