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Educational Services and Programs

Our educational prevention platform are designed to help individuals and families, whether they are living with HIV, At-risk of HIV infection and or other social determinants of health. Our aim is to empower and promote healthier lifestyle, healthy relationships, foster safer sex practices and positive behavior changes.


Campbell Health Solutions community outreach prioritized Black Indigenous Women of Color leading with educational activities that enhance access, prevention and education materials, and safer sex. Providing the tools needed to assess and prevent HIV and STI‘s. 


HIV/STI - Testing Program 

Take charge of your health

  • Our educational support services and programs are provided to our clients who are newly diagnosed or people who want to come out to their families as LGBTQ+. 

  • Our educational programs are designed to provide additional support while supporting the client and taking some of the burdens off the provide healthcare provider-client relationship as well as to provide support around disclosure to a sexual or intimate partners and family members. Topics includes HIV 101, HIV post diagnosis, STI, LGBTQ+, adherence, motivation counseling, etc. Most conversations are free forming and individualized so that the conversations are tailored to the client’s needs.

  • While the primary focus will be on individuals who are living with HIV. We will also be focusing on individuals who are HIV negative and can benefit from the same support and education around these very same issues

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